Most Frequently Asked Questions

RA 10165 (Foster Care)


1. How much is the monthly foster care subsidy?

– Php 8,000.00 for healthy

– Php 10,000.00 for with special needs


2. How can the child avail for foster care subsidy?

  • Foster child is entitled to monthly subsidy from the DSWD subject to existing rules and regulation, provided that the support may be waived if the foster parent is capable of supporting the child. Hence, assessment of the social worker is necessary.


3. How long the foster child be provided with monthly foster care subsidy?

  • The child may be provided with monthly foster care subsidy as long he/she still under foster care. The subsidy will be stopped when she/he will be placed to permanent family either adoption or return to birth family.


4. What are the benefits that can be availed by the foster parents and children in foster care?

  • For foster child who are abandoned, neglected, orphaned or those in need of special protection, they will experience one-on-one care by a license foster family. Foster Care is an important step towards the child’s re-integration to his/her biological parents/relatives or placement with an adoptive family, as the child experience a family atmosphere.


For foster Parents-

  • They can enroll the foster child as dependent in their PhilHealth Insurance.

  • They can join capability building, seminars, respite care and foster care support group organized by DSWD