Who may be placed under foster care?

(a) A child who is abandoned, surrendered, neglected, dependent or orphaned;

(b) A child who is a victim of sexual, physical, or any other form of abuse or exploitation;

(c) A child with special needs;

(d) A child whose family members are temporarily or permanently unable or unwilling to provide the child with adequate care;

(e) A child awaiting adoptive placement and who would have to be prepared for family life;

(f) A child who needs long-term care and close family ties but who cannot be placed for domestic adoption;

(g) A child whose adoption has been disrupted;

(h) A child who is under socially difficult circumstances such as, but not limited to, a street child, a child in armed conflict or a victim of child labor or trafficking;

(i) A child who committed a minor offense but is released on recognizance, or who is in custody supervision or whose case is dismissed; and

(j) A child who is in need of special protection as assessed by a social worker, an agency or the DSWD.

Provided, That in the case of (b), (c), (f), (h), (i), and (j), the child must have no family willing and capable of caring and providing for him.