Who may foster?

An applicant who meets all of the following qualifications may be a foster parent:

(a) Must be of legal age;

(b) Must be at least sixteen (16) years older than the child unless the foster parent is a relative;

(c) Must have a genuine interest, capacity and commitment in parenting and is able to provide a familial atmosphere for the child;

(d) Must have a healthy and harmonious relationship with each family member living with him or her;

(e) Must be of good moral character;

(f) Must be physically and mentally capable and emotionally mature;

(g) Must have sufficient resources to be able to provide for the family’s needs;

(h) Must be willing to further hone or be trained on knowledge, attitudes and skills in caring for a child; and

(i) Must not already have the maximum number of children under his foster care at the time of application or award, as may be provided in the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of this Act.

Provided, That in determining who is the best suited foster parent, the relatives of the child shall be given priority, so long as they meet the above qualifications: Provided, further, That an alien possessing the above qualifications and who has resided in the Philippines for at least twelve (12) continuous months and maintains such residence until the termination of placement by the DSWD or expiration of the foster family license, may qualify as a foster parent.